The V-Dubs

Oliver, Klaire and Stu. Credit to Victoria Jane Photography

 Introducing the V-Dubs!

Another section of our fabulous decoration business is our vintage VW family.

Oliver is a 1977 Type 2 Bay campervan. Lovingly restored to an immaculate condition, our 40 year old bus can seat 6, 7 max. Fitted with 2 rear seatbelts he is absolutely perfect to carry your bridal party to your chosen venue. Dressed to impress on the day Oliver, has had a number of modifications to ensure complete reliability and comfort for all your party.

Here’s Percy....

Percy is our very cheeky 1970 VW Beetle.

Once again beautifully finished, Percy is also fitted with seatbelts and seats 3. Perfect to take extra members of your wedding party to the venue. Percy has also undergone restoration and improvements.